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May 31 - June 4, 2004
June 4, 2004
Red Star Tonight

While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there will be no State. - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need. - Karl Marx

Communism has nothing to do with love. Communism is an excellent hammer which we use to destroy our enemy.
- Mao Tse-tung

The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.
- Karl Marx

Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff.
- Frank Zappa

Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks. - Karl Marx

Socialism is the same as Communism, only better English. - George Bernard Shaw

Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity. - Karl Marx

If the Soviet empire still existed, I'd be terrified. The fact is, we can afford a fairly ignorant presidency now. - Newt Gingrich

Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains. - Karl Marx

How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin. -Ronald Reagan

The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs. -Karl Marx

June 3, 2004
Mingites, T-Shirts and the Unending Ego of Mingus Tourette

Recent excitement on the comment boards has led to rumours that there is a possible market for t-shirts. The question is: what label would people like on their t-shirts, if said t-shirts were to suddenly exist?




And of course, what kind of graphics? Mingus with the gun? The sexy nun? Striated cartoon figures with gasmasks and guns? Buy god, what kind of t-shirts does the world need?


This is your turn to speak. After this, I'm not listening to nobody bout nothing. In fact, I may just retire from the internet all together.

All shirts will be purple and orange.

June 2, 2004
And After That

We were laying there in a soppy sodden mess, covered in sweat and melted butter that may or may not have been rancid and I thought about lighting up a cigarette, but considering the purity of the moment, I thought I would pass, and thought about getting a drink, and again, considering how much salt that was coating my body, it seemed a little hyrophilic, so I simply lay there and looked across the bed towards the window. The moon was full and it cast a yellow light and it landed roundly on buddha's nipple.

It may have been the butter, or the yellow moonlight, or maybe the buddha's blood, but I was struck by how pert her nipple was, how it rose up from the surrounding flesh, a brown rook, taut and rigid, pumped full of unused milk, and I felt the urge to take it in my mouth, and suck it till it either exploded or offered up a drop of chalky lactate. So I did, and the taste reminded me of well-cooked ham, and she gave a little gasp as I sucked and tried to swallow whatever juices were left on it. And I don't know if it was the butter or the sweat or a bit of virgin mother's milk that went down my throat, but whatever hit the back of my throat must be what ambrosia tastes like. Sweet nectar of the gods. Straight from the buddha's teat.

June 1, 2004

After the Buddha rang, I knew I had some work to do. Fresh out of lubrication, and still reeling from a half-bottle of gin, I went to the fridge to see what lay around that might help me out. Found an old stick of butter that might have been a bit spoiled, but it was that or red wine vinegar, so I brought the butter back to the bed, and being a gentleman, melted it in my mouth and let it drip down my chest and onto her stomach before rubbing it generously into her snatch. One two fingers and a thumb in the asshole, and gusto! Giggling and moaning, she wriggled on the sheets, begging the way that ass bucked up, asking for a third finger and I obliged, being a gentleman.

But even that was not enough, because this was no ordinary snatch, this was holy snatch, this pussy was raised on the top of a mountain by a hermit woman and her goats, this pussy was raised to vibrate on the hour, when the great brass bells were struck in monasteries and a thousand monks' assholes puckered and breathed relief as they rose off the stones. This was the yawning mouth of Shiva, and she deserved a fourth, she was willing to swallow my hand whole, if not for the thumb. Her rippling belly, brown and full, like autumn plains in Southern Mongolia, where the only gods were lost ancestors, it clenched and sang to me, lonely goatherd, to tend her grass, and I did, and the wind whistled down the valley and over my ears and the maternal hymn rose, as we rolled over each other in a haze of rain and oestrus.

And then I fucking hammered the shit out of her ass. God I love it when the buddha's working the Monday night late shift.

buddha buddha burning bright

May 31, 2004
Tournament of Evil
The Winner Is...

Zygote Publishing and Mingus Tourette are proud to announce that 'Up on Perv Row' was the winning entry in the Tournament of Evil. Over 150 votes were cast in the tournament, and 'Up on Perv Row' ended up with over thirty percent of the total . Congratulations go to Buckbo for her inspired take on Nunto 14.

The top three was rounded out in fine form by Digidod for his inspired artwork with a woman's austere shoulder, and Texan Justin Billington for his super-cool welding mask. A big thanks to everyone who participated. If you entered and would like a commemorative sheet of paper with your name on it and a set of thumbnails of the other entries, certifying, that by god, you were there when the first Tournament of Evil rolled around, let me know, and I will send it out to you. We hope that you enjoyed it, and that you'll come back around when the next one is announced sometime in June.

See the winning entry for Tourette's Tournament of Evil:

Small version of Up on Perv Row
Full sized version of Up on Perv Row

And marvel at the astonishing talent that entered the Tournament of Evil, by looking at all of the Tournament Entries!

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