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LitSLAP is a fast-paced, half hour live talk show which focusses on a fresh literature-based topic each week. The show is a celebration of our lust for literature. It is a response to the manner in which literature is treated on television today. Literature is not meant to be solely burbled about over lattes in a pastel coordinated, IKEA borne kitchen. Literature is drunk, literature is wanton fucking, literature is best discussed after drinking several carafes of cheap French wine and loudly contested, and people should disagree and become passionate and fistfight about it. Literature is best discussed by two drunken young poets, in a dark corner of some seedy pub who sit and smoke and plead with their friends and the discussion will end in yelling, with people pounding the table and drinks being thrown. This is the heart of LitSLAP.

Literature is not dead. It is alive. We keep it alive and discuss it as it should be discussed. On every one of our shows, we invite two guests to join our hosts, Mingus Tourette and Dr. Richard Castrati. One guest is a member of the literary community, and in order to remain true to the roots of the show, the other guest has absolutely nothing to do with literature. To ensure a fair level of input, hosts and guests alike are encouraged to grab "The Conch" up to three times a show, allowing them to speak for a short period without interruption. Drinking, smoking and swearing on the show is not required, but is encouraged. Alcohol is free for guests.
Dr. Richard Castrati holds degrees in literature from Stanford and Oxford universities, and has always been keenly interested in books and ideas. He brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm from his three years as an associate professor of English at the University of Toronto. His research interests included postcritical literary criticism, contemporary gay fiction, feminist her/story and Michael Ondaatje.
Dr. Castrati is pleased to be working with Mingus Tourette on LitSLAP.

"I know we can work together to deconstruct the contentious literary and intellectual concerns of the day," says Castrati. "Mingus and I will make an excellent team, and I look forward to engaging discussions and esteemed guests."

Castrati has been published in several literary journals. His first novel, Pacific, concerns a young girl's sexual awakening in a small, Alberta town.

Mingus Tourette holds no degree in anything from any school of any repute, though he has been obsessed with writing and literature from an early age. He brings a sharp, street wise perspective, as well as the fresh experience of writing in the new media trenches during his two year post as the writer-in-residence at the online zine, "breastfish". His literary interests include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Henry Miller, William Burroughs, Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche and his own work.

Mingus Tourette is pleased to be working with Dr. Castrati on LitSLAP. "Dick's good for this shit. He's got my back on the literary front, cause I had his back when he was down on the real front," says Tourette. "He's going to give up all the facts that'll let me tear a new asshole through all those shit eating grins running lit shows today. Gonna set shit on fire."

Tourette has published several online works, and is working on publishing his first book of poetry, Nunt. His first novel, Divinity, concerns a poet's descent into hell and the resultant carnage of the abyss.
LitSLAP succeeds as a late night show because of its bizarre combination of drinking, swearing and intellectual depth. It succeeds because of the unique charisma of the two hosts and their odd relationship. It will succeed on a national level because it will become notorious, because people are ready to talk about literature as it should be talked about, because people want to see an intellectual show with a real edge, a show with the very real possibility of one host melting down and punching the other in the face. Buy it. It will be a cult classic.

Guaran fucking teed.