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October 2006

October 29th, 2006
a November to Remember

If you haven't had enough poetry to date, the Raving Poets are riding again, albeit in the cold. As they say:

(EDMONTON) All star center-man, and 90-goal scorer, poet extraordinaire, Jadon Rempel just signed a five-week deal with the Raving Poets as interim host while regular host Mike Gravel sits out his suspension for a vicious hit from behind on poet Phil Jagger, who was in a coma for two weeks. Rempel, who played with Canada's Olympic team in 2003, was a hold-out free agent until the Raving Poets signed him Monday for an undisclosed amount rumored to be close to three million dollars.

"I'm just glad to be back playing," Rempel said from his home in Miami, Florida. "Edmonton's a great poetry town. I just thank God, and my mom and dad, and the Raving Poets franchise for the opportunity. And I want to let the Edmonton fans know that I'll be giving one-hundred and ten per cent out there. And if the Raving Poets make it to the cup final, it will be a team effort-I promise not to "Pronger," next season, no matter what happens."

Raving Poets' General Manager, Randall Edwards said Rempel was a great acquisition. "The price was right and we think he'll fit into the team chemistry." The regular host for the Raving Poets, Michael Gravel is in care at the Betty Ford Centre in Washington, D.C.

Five Wednesdays, One November
The Raving Poets..LIVE
Yianni's Taverna, Kazbar Lounge
10444 - 82 Ave., Edmonton, AB, Canada
This Wednesday, sign-up is @ 8 p.m.

October 24th, 2006
17 steps of becket

If you're a Beckett fan, or a Pinter fan, or better yet, a Beckett AND Pinter fan, check out this ticket in London. Pinter is playing in Krapp's Last Tape. Which is a great woolly chunk of writing.

If you're not standing somewhere near Sloane Square, you can try to dig up Atom Egoyan's version of the play. Or just read it, I guess.

But man, it would be a singular event. Something to say for forty years. Or in six months, when Pinter kicks. For us common folk, it beats most other funeral conversation. Like the time my old man understatedly mentioned, just once in 2001, that he saw Anthony Quinn play Zorba onstage. In New York.

Something like that. But more.

October 12th, 2006
730 Days Later

On a bitter autumn morning, Tourette loaded the wide-eyed Mike Gravel into The Pink Bitch and the two headed East on the errant missile, a pair of screaming lumberjacks with hands bit hard into the edge of a frozen log split off some giant wooden cock pumped hard by Herculean balls, blasting meathammer poetry towards that blackened godless Mecca, The Big Smoke. Tourette, destined to slapshot his own words into the deep, empty lakes that ring the City, rode the bitch hard and endless until sleep and day overlapped in one slitbuzzing hynagogic dance that could only end in failure, madness or lidless-eyed death.

Two years ago, it started like that. And even when it was done, he refused to let go of the wheel, refused to believe it was done, that the dream was dead, ground to red paste, that poetry was finished, that writing was broke, that the Bitch was rusting and flaking and he strapped her doors shut and kept a hundred copies of the Word in the trunk with two shovels, a barren cashbox, his emergency bottle of rum and the scar on his fingers where the knife hit bone. Obstinate bone, buried deep in the hood of his parka, encasing that glistening skull and two eyes, ceaseless humming, carved from tar and the sheen of pavement, ever aiming left in the darkness, just the side of the oncoming lights, faithful that somewhere past the whitewalls of rain and highbeams lies the white dotted line again, leading on. Somewhere.

October 11th, 2006
The De Niro Game

NEW DELHI (AP) - An enraged bull ran amok through the New Delhi city centre, two markets, a movie theatre, a Sikh temple and the YWCA during a seven-hour rampage, evading attempts to capture it and lightly wounding six people, media reports said. from CBC

And the funnest part is: cows in India are sacred! So you can't shoot the holy bastards!

In related raging bull news, Corey Hamilton has a new blog.

October 4th, 2006
Effervescent Maisonneuves

For those who subscribe to Maisonneuve and found their way here after doing some Googling, welcome to the show. Or what's left of it.

But What Happened Last Month? By God, Find Out Here!