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October 3rd - October 16th, 2005
Nunt: the book
Find out about Mingus Tourette's journey to hell and back. "Makes Fight Club look like Three Little Bunnies"... MORE!
The Perpetual MotionRoadshow
From Toronto to New York to Chicago - three explosive writers hit the road. MORE!
October 20th, 2005
Minus Uno

That Brendan Mcleod. Fantastic. If you're on my Christmas list, get ready to get some of his CDs in yer stocking.

Leaving tomorrow morning. Performing tomorrow night in Toronto. And then - no sleep till Brooklyn.

That Blackheart zine has a second issue out and a hot, re-tooled website. And they're featured in The Link.

And now - I got ten pairs of socks and underwear to pack. And a hundred or so books to overpack. Because I'm still fucking crazy like that. Flying. Directly. In the face of reason. Blind like a fruit bat, coming straight outta E-Ville.

October 18th, 2005
Slam Master E-Ville

If you want to see one of Canada's top spoken word talents in his only Edmonton show, drop in on Brendan tomorrow night. I saw him at the South Country Fair and he was mic-smashing good. Seriously. If you want to learn a few things about cranking poetry in front of an audience, check it out:

Brendan McLeod
Wednesday, October 19th

Naked Cyber Cafe

10354 Jasper Ave.

Starts at 8 pm

And while you're there, bug him repeatedly to get a hot new CD out the door. If you're confused about who this fellow is:

BRENDAN MCLEOD is a spoken word artist and musician based out of Vancouver, and has been called "Canada's top SLAM spieler" by CBC. He is the winner of the National Individual Final at the 2004 Canadian SpokenWordlympics, awarded to the top SLAM poet in Canada. In 2005, he was Vancouver's Grand SLAM Champion. He finished second at Holland's World Slampionship in June 2005. He has toured extensively in North America and Europe, both as a solo performer and member of The Fugitives. He received his MA in Philosophy in 2001.

Prior to his visit to Edmonton, Brendan and The Fugitives will perform at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Vancouver. Brendan will then travel to Europe for a tour of England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, and Denmark.

October 14th, 2005
Three Small Things


Is anyone reading The Garneau Block? It's still absolutely free. And that Raymond Terletsky character is fucking brilliant. He should have his own book. Anyhow, he first appears in Chapter Two.


Someone bought another copy of nunt on Amazon, jolting us from # 2 000 000+ on the best seller list all the way up to # 628 350 on the best seller list! If only those bastards would count all the stolen copies that are being sold, we'd probably crack the top 500 000!


A progressive for Bush bought nunt the other day and gave it this review:

Fuck banning. My copy was so bad that I read it twice. It's too filthy for banning or burning. I rip out the pages and use them to clean up the sanatorium after double anal.

I'm so proud of my baby.

October 13th, 2005
A Roara Coda Boreala

That Roar, it was pretty smoking awesome.

Read with Stuart Ross and some smashing good E-Ville poets in a tea and china shop. Later, Wayne Arthurson said that "[h]aving Mingus Tourette read before you is like having Gwar open for you."

That Wayne, he's a funny guy. And pretty accurate, I think.

A surreal moment in the afternoon - a couple of septugenarians were seated in the front row, off to the right. The woman cringed when I read nunto 35, but her husband laughed the whole way through. Bizarre to watch a seventy-five year old man chuckle during that stripper love poem. He was digging it, I tell you. So, that was good.

Hosting twenty poets at the "Five minutes no tomorrow" event was sweet. Some excellent poets and performers. Some who were just getting their legs and could use some work, but that's a part of it. Rewarding to be involved in creating an event where neophytes sat and drank and laughed with other poets, and even made some poet friends. Because lots of writers don't have that. So being a part of that was good.

And later, at the big gala, walking in to wild applause as everyone clapped for the festival director was good, if oddly timed. I rolled with it, gestured magnanimously, walked up to the bar, handed over a twenty and refused change. I held up five fingers, and when it was pointed out that I could only carry two beer, I was brilliant and witty and screamed out "Don't worry - I'll stuff the other three down my pants!!!"

What a jackass. Reminded me of this poem:

be explosive

be explosive
be drunk
be an asshole
be entertaining


don't be so
at my expense
at our expense

don't run out your daily drama at our leisure

we'll wait until the precipitate version
is available

years after

with all the footnotes
about the women

and the times you sat with your knife
on your ledge

and laughed about doctors

-- -- --

Anyhow - thanks to Thomas Trofimuk and the rest of the RP for inviting me and my publisher to be a part of this. Pretty fucking amazing.

October 7th, 2005
Roaring E-Ville

Edmonton's big poetry festival runs tomorrow. Starts at noon, rolls all afternoon and into the night. Something for everyone. Check the full schedule at Or check Gravel's rundown.

We picked up good coverage in the entertainment weeklies. Even a fine shot of Mingus crushing out some John Newlove on a megaphone. Check the articles at:

See Magazine | Vue Weekly

I am alternately referred to as a 'well-known name' and 'E-Town’s verse-hoodlum Mingus Tourette'. Unfortunately, only one of those terms is correct.

In any case - enough is enough. One day. One night. One hundred poets. The first time ever in this fucking city. If you miss it, I'm eating your first born. The Roar. Be there.


A Note on Thanksgiving Reading: After more intense negotiations on the part of Doctor Law, The Edmonton Journal opened up the archives for Babiak's Garneau Block. Now you can catch up and read the whole thing for free, but only until October 14th. More on this next week.

October 6th, 2005
blogger albums

I like to support fellow bloggers on their side projects. Especially bloggers that blogroll me. So I thought I'd mention this. One of my favourite political bloggers has a new album out, and he's touring it. It's called In a Coma, and covers the best of his musical work from the last ten years. Some of it is politically motivated, and some is not. Overall, though, it's pretty frickin' amazing. Most bloggers' albums sound like they were recorded with wired diaphrams, but this sounds totally professional. And the songs are kick ass.

The one thing I don't quite get is the yellow rabbit on the cover. Does anyone else know of the symbolism of the man in a rabbit suit? I've noticed it in American films - The Shining and Donnie Darko, for example. It can be pretty horrifying. Like a juice monkey clown.

Anyhow - check it out, and maybe try to catch him in concert. He's got three shows in Edmonton (and various shows across the country) and the album's on sale in record stores. I think this guy's going to be big some day. The name's Matthew Good. You heard it here first.

October 5th, 2005
early october

the street drains
full of yellow leaves

putting on the parka
this year

burying someone's father

October 3rd, 2005
Roaring Week

This is Roaring Week - the big week of The Roar on '24th.

Over 100 poets will be reading this Saturday- even fellahs from the unofficial Mingus Shitheadery Brigade. There are readings all day, starting at noon and going till ten at night. The party should last till midnight. Or thereafter.

I'll be reading at 4pm and hosting one of the 'Five Minutes No Tomorrow' sessions at the Acquired Tastes Tea Company, where Brad and Angelina will be reading some of Ezra Pound's early work. If you have requests for the Mingus, start hinting now. Also, I'll be drinking heavily at the evening session and pretending I'm the lizard king. So watch out for that!

Yup, don't be a fucktard. If you dig poetry and sex, get down to 124th street this Saturday. If you don't, you're a loser. Get off my site.


But What Happened Last Week? By God, Find Out Here!